Jul 16, 2017 Realistic Needs and Diseases is one of the best needs mods and still used by thousands of peoples. Unfortunately its author, perseid9, has .

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I have been using these for a few days now and they are actually becoming very tedious, there are a lot of good features and a few annoying ones. I find myself spending far to much time watching the effects of these mods than I would like. Exposure comes on too fast and the effects are too strong.

  • Dec 21, 2015 Realistic Needs and Diseases 2.0 Spanish Immersive HUD - IHUD at Skyrim by Gopher Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim by EnaiSiaion .

  • As the name implies, Realistic Needs and Diseases adds more "bodily functions" to Skyrim, primarily hunger, thirst, and disease. This mod is key to reinforcing the need to hunt and adding difficulty to survival.

  • About this mod. This is a new and updated version of the very popular Mod Realistic Needs and Diseases by Perseid9. Ontop of the original features there has been some fine additions, like weight feature, widgets and various other changes.

  • Oct 12, 2013 Page 1 of 2 - Realistic needs and diseases problem! - posted in Skyrim Mod Troubleshooting: Hello there guys, I must admit that im completely .

  • I am a person who like a very minimal, or in this case, non existent HUD. However, this mod doesn't seem to have an option to disable the widgets.

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May 13, 2013 I've already played almost 250 hours of Skyrim at this point, and honestly it's As the name implies, Realistic Needs and Diseases adds more "bodily It allows you to have much greater control over the HUD and when its .

Realistic needs and Diseases Rus Full Logo by starfis, Thank you starfis! I made this mod because all existing needs mods I found are either too complex or no longer maintained.

Realistic Needs and Diseases ops installing another mod (drinking fountans of Skyrim), but has more support base from other mods - like W.A.T.E.R. I am using Realistic Needs and Diseases, but I don't really think that there would be something preventing me to move to iNeeds, if needed.

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You may send request to authors of immersive mods categorized as "True Need", e.g. Frostfall, Realistic Needs and Diseases. It's not SkyUI team's duty to make HUD widgets for all specific actor states.