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Requires Paladin (Retribution) 1 charge Requires level 100. Call upon the Light and begin a crusade, increasing your damage done and Haste.

Shadow Word: Death is now a talent, and though I'm very much my Shadow Priest (replace something on the Level 100 talent row with this .

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Keep a stack of them handy. Our picks, for general raid use, are checked: Best talent. Shadow Priest PvE Talents for Warlords of Draenor Tier 7, Level 100. Which is best? Kind of hard to say at this .

Shadow Word: Death A word of dark binding use to be baseline, but is now a talent.

  1. Dec 16, 2018 On this page, we explain how to easily play Shadow Priest in World of Warcraft Although some talents might offer marginally higher gains when played perfectly, these Lingering Insanity; Level 100: Legacy of the Void Icon .

  2. Best Shadow Priest DPS Talents and Build Guide in WoW Battle for Azeroth patch 8.1. Level.

  3. Feb 28, 2018 This guide will help you through understanding Shadow Priest from World of Shadow Word: Void is not used in any of the options. Tier 2. Lvl 30. All abilities generate 100% more Insanity and spells.

Our ultimate guide to levelling and playing a Shadow Priest in World of These are the talent choices we recommend when levelling up as a Shadow Priest, 100, Legacy of the Void - Reduces the cost of activating Voidform to 70 Insanity.